Know Your Personality®


A One of a Kind App that Helps you Improve your Life using your Date of Birth and a 5000 Year Old Science of Numbers.


Learn about the App, Numbers, and How to Use the App to Transform your Life for a Better Future.

Know Your Personality

This Calculation Gives You Information about Your Karma and Challenges at the Mind, Body, and Spirit Level.

Constant Bug Fixes

We Constantly Update our App to Maintain our User Satisfaction and to Make Sure that You Get Fully Benefited by the App and Get your Money’s Worth.

Basic Calculation

In a Basic Calculation of your Personality, We Educate you on the Basics of the Numbers that you Have in your Date of Birth.

Full Calculation

A Full Know Your Personality Calculation Gives You Everything about the Numbers in Your Date of Birth.

Past Calculations

Past Calculations in Know Your Personality allows you to Retrieve Calculations that you Have Done in the Past to Save Time.

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